May 26, 2012

Mini Book

Addicted to Miniatures!

It's been a long evening... Thankfully the mod podge dries really fast, I couldn't wait to use this mini book. Like it? Keep reading for a How to!

I believe this step by step photos will help you make this mini book (my way) I don't know if this is how is done, but mine works perfectly. Use whatever paper you like, use scraps for cover or even the inside! just remember to cut the inside pages once folded, because they won't fit since they are one inside the other. You will understand later:

You can use this or whatever you feel comfortable with. This is what I used.
Cut your inside paper at desired size. Fold in half.
I make every segment with 5 folded pieces of paper. I recommend 4 to 5 tops!
Open holes in the crease through all your papers. Top to bottom.

I used the first page to pierce all the other segments. This way all your holes are aligned.
Make sure they are all aligned so the thread can join all segments.
Stitch from one end to another.
Make sure you use a strong thread or embroidery thread

Then come back.

When finish, make a knot.

Cut excess and finish all the remaining segments.
It should look like this. I alternated the knots so it won't bulk up.

Now stitch together all the segments. Back to front and reversal.
Make a knot on every row. This will make your book sturdy.
It should look like this.
I used instant glue for the knots. (just in case)
When finished make sure all the pages are cut properly.
Add some mod podge to the front and back page.
Add some mod podge to the crease and add a thread (optional) Paste the fabric all over.
Add more mod podge over the fabric.
Let it dry. Then cut the excess.
Cut the cardboard size of your finished book. I wrapped mine with some patterned paper.
Glue the book to the cover. I used silicone glue for the crease and Mod podge the cover.

You now have a mini book. The thread can be used as a bookmark =)
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