March 20, 2013

Stamps & Pattern Paper

Happy birthday to you! Look at the colors. I used two patterned papers from the same pad. This tip was gave on Pattern Play class and is sooooo obvious and we probably never do it. Well, I think it's kinda busy with all the yarn, stamps and washi tape, but I'll get better.

One of the tips on Pattern Play was use patterns in different sizes so it blends together and use one bold or busy pattern with another one more simple or "blah" (Amber's Words) I failed here: I used two bold patterns, and using the stripes in different directions wasn't the best idea :(

Here's the how to

I'll keep you posted on how to use pattern papers as I learn myself. But practice will make me better, I'm sure of it. For now, are you willing to give me some advice? Comment below! And thanks for laughing with me and not of me :p

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