April 8, 2013

Pattern Paper Collage

Pattern paper... it's a love - hate relationship. Love the colors, the patterns but hate I don't know how to mix and match, don't know what to do with it. I spent almost two hours making this card. I know, a lot of time, but I challenge myself to use five pattern papers, two circle dies and no stamp (only sentiment). That was hard! But I love it, it turned out great and so bright. Here's the how to:

- When using pattern paper try to use a single paper pad. Mix and match will be a breeze.
- Keep it simple. When colors and shapes takes over, single color paper or cardstock brings everything together.
- Save the scraps for another card, you won't have to think about mix and match.
- Break the pattern (circle pattern on the background) with another shape or changing the direction (like the banner, that is rectangular and diagonal) This way the element will stand out.

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