March 30, 2012

Quick Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Bee Card

Sorry for the horrible photo. This was taken at 5am... no natural light what so ever, but I wanted to share this super easy card with you. I have a stamp set with leaves and a flower. Stamped the leaves at different heights and shades of green, leaving the space for the flower. I also rubbed some pale blue for the clouds and finally add wrote the title. You can stamp it, but I didn't have sentiments or letters to stamp =( but I will very soon.
I draw a bee and painted it with markers. Stamp the flower and cut it out leaving a small border around it. Used dimensional dots for both and apply dimensional glaze on wings, flower center and leaf. With a black thin marker draw the dashed line, the whirls fill the space and give it some depht.

This is one of many cards I will show you how you can make it WITHOUT fancy tools, stamps or even inks. If you feel you don't have a nice handwriting, simply print it out before adding the dimensional dots or use carbon copy paper to trace it out and filled it with markers or pen.

CLOUDS: with a sponge, rub lightly on the ink, then rub on a sheet of paper to see how dark or light it shows. Repeat over the card, with circular moves making cloud shapes. You can rub over dried ink to make it darker. A natural sponge will do, I don't recommend make-up sponges, absorb too much ink, and will leave marks.

Summer stamp set 1.99
Various Ink (set 10 mini inks) 5.00
Cardstock (50 sheet) 6.00
Markers (set of 12) 5.00
Dimensional Dots (set of 200) 4.00
Diamond Glaze 3.00
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