March 28, 2012

Color, Shapes and Inspiration

Craft Envelope with Stamped Buildings and Trees

The last few days I entered the Pinterest world... There I found a post about carving your own stamps (which I love) and for my surprise this pin took me to the most inspiring blog ever! I want to share with you Ishtar Olivera's Blog. Everything she does is bright, fun, cute and almost alive...I do love her work a lot and thanks to her tutorials I just bought the tools for carving my own stamp!

This envelope is something I did based on her philosophy. It's not perfect, yet is filled with colors and love. Maybe is not as pretty as her work, but I will get better at it. Hopefully one day I can get to meet her in person =p

She loves washi tape (who doesn't), japanese paper, origami and those extremely cute characters that live in japan, which can be found in her artwork. As a fan of anime, cute things and craft I do understand how you can be drawn by this culture. My ultimate dream is to visit Japan for a month or so... hmm some day. The culture, the food, the creativity, colors and everything this culture has is extremely inspiring.

So, getting back to Ishtar, please visit her blog and shop, you can find great tutorials, photography, ideas and products there. When I get my stamp ready I will definitively share it with you!

Remember Easter is around the corner, use my digital kit for making cards or scrapbook, available below. 
Nicole Stagg Web Developer

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Nina Yang said...

Hi nicole, thank you for entering my Facebook giveaway! I just pined this envelope, I think it is AMAZING! Thank you for introducing us to Ishtar's blog too! Very inspiring blog! Can't wait to see your project coming! Happy Crafting!

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