March 24, 2012

Product Shot for my Shop (Part 2)

Hello Chicken Easter Card with Envelope
Hello everyone!!! This is the second part of how I take my pictures for my Etsy shop. Actually, this is more a tip than anything else... I looooove baker's twine, but it's so expensive I only have this white/gray twine. But, I have used it several times in my pictures. How? Look below, I actually wrap the item with twine but never cut it. 

Don't cut the twine for pictures only...
Visually it looks like a beautiful wrapped set of cards, ready to ship with envelope and everything... Not at all!!! I haven't make the envelopes yet, and didn't cut the twine. I made a fake envelope because I love to use natural light, and it took some time to make an envelope, but I didn't want to spent my little sunshine time with that. I actually did the envelope later that night.

Well, hope this little tip helped you!
Nicole Stagg Web Developer

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