April 3, 2013

New Things to Come!

Hi everyone! I'm making a super quick post today. I'm working hard on some graphic design projects and one of them is this blog and it's future webpage :) This blog will remain and you can find it here, or thru my webpage (soon to be) as a link. Such big changes in a few days, hope time stretches out.

For today's card I used this stamp set from Maya Road with umbrellas and a cute bird. I used the umbrellas as flowers, the water drop as the disk flower or center of the flower and finally the cane as flower stem. 

TIP: turn your stamps upside down to see another shape that you can use besides the obvious one!

As a graphic designer I work from home for many clients through email or skype and one feature I want to talk to you about is time.  Many graphic designer charge by the hour, and they might take a week or two for a specific project. Since I started working back in 2002 I was in a hurry every day! It was an in-house graphic design department, where EVERYTHING was done in hours or days tops. Thanks to this training for almost 5 years I develop this ability to create the final product or at least a version of it while I'm talking to the client. I grasp very easily what the client wants and make something I know they will love and works best in less time.

I usually work with a client at a time, sometimes I got crazy and work with 3 but I always deliver and keep up to whatever the client needs. That's why I decided to open this Graphic Design Express to the world through my (again, soon to be) website. I'll have a portfolio, some tutorials and my personal info for quote. Most of the time the price is set and I will include it on the website along with some terms to make this freelancing smooth as possible.

Some of the work you can expect from me is corporate identity, POP, any paper publicity and some web banners and minimum web design. Depending on how this website turns out I will be offering some web design for blogs or self-maintained webpages.

I'm also working on a digital design for cardmakers and scrapbookers. I will let you know when it's on my shop. Hope you share your projects here.

Nicole Stagg Web Developer

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