March 18, 2013

Braided Charms Bracelet

Braided Charm Bracelet - Click to see larger image.

This time I wanted to make some jewelry. It's very easy and you can use as many color combinations you like. I made mine with 3 bright colors (you know I love bright colors) and golden charms. Here's the step by step. I have a facebook page now (again) so make sure to check it out for some last minute tips on other topics as makeup or food ;)

If you want to know how I make the second braid look at the video at the end of the post :)

1. Cut your string desired length and attach clamp. 2. Braid. 3. Attach charms between strings. 4. Add lobster clasp and charm (I love using jingles) And done!

TIP: if you want your charm to have movement use 2 jump rings, one for the charm itself, other to join the first jump ring to the string.

TIP: if you place the jump ring around the braids instead of into the braids all your charms will move to the bottom when using it.

Combining bead colors with strings will make the bracelet look more stylish and sophisticated. When in doubt place both gold and silver charm and jump rings into your bracelet to see which one looks best. 

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