August 8, 2012

Felties and Crochet go Mini

felt pig pink cute mini
Small felt animals and other cute things! Offering Made-to-Order =)
I'm so happy to see my felt designs on the web, specially when made for someone as special as Ishtar Olivera Belart. I've been doing felties (as I call it) since 2007. 
My love for felt began back when I was a kid, it was affordable, had many colors and used a lot in school. I made a protective bag for my ballet pointe shoes, years later I was very obsessed with monster and gave my boss one, and she loved it and suggested to sell them... Little she (and I) known!

I couldn't stop and I'm glad I didn't. From cute animals, to common objects I transformed everything into felties. For example the pig above is a keychain from the Heart Series, where all the felties have a heart. This pig (Pinky) will be in my store this week, as I finished the rest of the series.

I started making mini felties for a while now and I'm obsessed with everything MINI.I made some cute crochet designs I sent to Ishtar, also paper stuff and now playing with clay... OMG!! please some one stop me now! The smaller the cuter. 

Here some ongoing work. Some of this mini designs will be available on the shop this month (hopefully, if I don't lose my sight) So if you want a small design in felt, crochet or clay let me know! I recently made a special request of a cute bird and some small animals for a birthday decor, that were given away as party favors!

crochet owl felt paper clip
Felt Paper Sheet

TUTORIAL TIME: wait for the tutorial on how you can make cute animals on felt. Don't miss it, sign up now!

felt bird pink taupe embroidery custom design
Custom Design for Jessica from Australia!!! Thanks Jessica

Nicole Stagg Web Developer

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alexandra s.m. said...

AWW...I love your softies Nicole!
You make me want to have a go at it again.
I haven't created anything besides paper craft lately and I miss the cuteness of the felt world...


-nicole s. said...

Thanks Alexandra! I'm battling between paper, felt, crochet... so many things I love. Hopefully I found time for everything and I'm sure you will too. Want to see your cute felt creations. Let me know!

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