July 9, 2011

Inspirational Drawings


Need some inspiration? Try this: Grab a piece of paper, and doodle with a black marker or pen. Then with color markers, take out some pictures from the doodles. This is not my best try I must say, but it's the only one photograph. If doodling is not your thing, then draw something just because, to help you think out of the box. For example, draw a circle. What can you do with this? How would you transform it from a circle to a planet, a ball or an eye? I draw an oval, it became an angry chicken! Please send me your doodles to share.

Angry Chicken

Try this markers, they are awesome!
Sanford(R) Prismacolor(R) Professional Art Markers, Primary/ Secondary Colors, Set Of 12

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Anonymous said...

Love the doodle drawing! It's inspirational :)
I will paint a canvas, then doodle on it with acrylics and hang it on the wall!

-nicole s. said...

So glad! hope you can take a picture to show it here to inspire more people! Thanx for your comment

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