February 1, 2016

Beach nails

Summer is here, at least here in Panama! So I'm starting the summer with orange and bright blue nails with some "water foam effect" if requested I'll upload a video tutorial. On the meanwhile this is how is done:
1. Fill a cup with tap water

2. Add a drop or two of white nail polish
3. Spritz the water with nailpolish with some rubbing alcohol and the nailpolish will break down
4. Insert your nail into water, remove excess polish with a toothpick and remove nail from water
5. Clean excess from finger and you are done

Extra step for extra shine and protection:
Because I intend to go to the beach I used sensationail clear top coat and used the led lamp one minute on my four fingers, then one min on thumb and repeat one min again to be completely sure they are "dry" as I didn't use uv polish on my nails but the top coat. It won't last as long as if you use all the rigth products but it will dramatically decrease the chipping and give you ultra shine. I've only used sensationails and kiss top coat, can't say it will work with any other brand. 

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