January 13, 2016

One layer 10 min male bday card

Hello everyone! Happy 2016. I'm back with new ideas and new stuff. Meanwhile here's today post:

Bday card for men. Ughhh extremly tough for me, but this time it took only 10 min. This card is 3 by 4.5 inches but this could be a panel on a bigger card or even a whole card. The possibilities are endless.
Just need to stamp repeatedly onto your card and mask just one item to make it the focal point. Don't have to be centered, I imagine doing the same with the colored one on the right bottom corner. 
Paint the background with distress ink in salty ocean and peacock feathers and the center gift with colored pencil. 

Try with different stamps or different images to make it more interesting. As a male card less is more thats why I only use a gift stamp and no need for sentiment. 

Let me know what you think! Sorry for the typos but Im not even near a computer and phone keys are very ugh

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