March 4, 2013

For My Mom

Well, this Friday is the International Women's Day but I don't want to wait that long to thank you for stopping by my blog and specially my mom for giving me everything including "super-mom cheers" for every project I do or post or give or show her =p So I dedicated this card (now two) to her. I love u lots mom.

I get the inspiration from Amber at Damask Love, and you can see the link here. Sometimes you see a card and instantly picture something else, well that's what happened to me when I saw Amber's card. I don't have many flower stamp (weird right?) so I decided to make my own.

For everyone that wants to carve a stamp I recommend you to go here, but I'll share a mini tutorial of this petals probably in video next week. Besides carving, I wanted to show you how I made the flowers on the card. I don't have fancy ink or paper, but I'm sure you can achieve such a great results with blending ink or using a resist technique which you can find here thanks to Jennifer McGuire.

Repetition is key! In the video I try my best to place the stamp where I wanted, but in real life I move the paper, here I didn't so the pictures/video came out right. Most flowers are NOT perfect at all, but the final result came out ok. I didn't edit the flowers, so you can see they look super cute. I bet you can do it better with time and patience.

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PS. New changes are coming to my blog, so bear with me. In the time being, you can see some of them and let me know what you think. Also if you want to share your custom carved stamp please leave a comment with the link or email me so I can add it along with your website (if you have one) for everyone to share!

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