February 26, 2013

Quick Mini Card

A few days ago I had this urge for Auntie Anne's Pretzels, since we don't have one here in Guatemala I decided to make a copycat recipe that you can find here. Well I think they were delicious and decided to give a few to my neighbor.

I use any excuse to make a card or craft, and this wasn't an exception. I made a cute little card that took less than 10 minutes. This is perfect for mass produce for Christmas or Thank you cards and even for To-From cards.

- Cardstock
- Washi Tape (or decorative tape or patterned paper or stamp)
- Sentiment (can be handwritten)
- Stamp (or figure or embellishment)
- 3d dots
- Tool for round corners (I used crop-a-dile corner chomper 1/4" and 1/2") OPTIONAL

How to:
• Cut your cardstock to desired size, mine was a scrap about 4" by 2" and fold in half
• Stamp figure on other cardstock and paint. I used Copic Markers thanks to my Mom (thanks a lot mom!!! love u!)
• Place washi tape at the bottom of your card
• Stamp sentiment
• Add your figure with 3d dots.
• Round corners

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