June 7, 2012

Organizing Stamps

Original Design Mini Stamp Series - Forrest Wonderland Series
As you know, I posted a few days ago about this stamps. Well my husband asked me, How do you remember all the stamps you have? In my head I said: I would never forget! but, let's get real, I have a happy and sad face (that's pretty easy to remember) but I have 3 leafs... hmmm maybe I might forget about one of the leafs, and two size of stars in different sets! So I decided to make a journal or something like that where I can stamp all my mini stamps and keep them organized. For now I'm using old white envelope to store my stamps, but I grab an amazing idea from Sew Many Ways. I will show it to you here. The plastic containers are so obvious! I don't have space for a metallic "mirror" but I do have space in my drawers =)
And I'm sure that with permanent ink like memento or staz-on  you might stamp the plastic container all around!!! yay!!! I'll try it as soon as I purchase the containers. (these are small plastic cups like the ones you get for soy sauce on take out)

Stamp all your stamps on a sheet with the title and how many stamps are
Storage in envelopes, plastic containers or whatever you want.

Attach the proof to your stamps.
Since I don't have too many stamps yet, I have a small cardboard box where you can perfectly fit a 3 by 5" note card. So I'm arranging them this way, and because of the pin at the bottom is easy to pick them up!

Let me know your ideas! Please follow to be up to date on tutorials, organization ideas and more.

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