June 5, 2012

Mini Stamps Series

Carving Stamp block leftover...

I've been obsessed with mini-things. Mini books, mini crochet, mini stamps... I was thinking what to do with this piece of carving block, but because I wanted more than 1 stamp out of it I decided to do as many mini images I could fit in it. I started last night. About an hour later, this is what I've done.

Turned into a series of mini stamps - Forrest Wonderland Theme
I'm still working on the gnome... it's a bit tight but I'm sure it will turn out great. I'm happy to say I'm getting better, I carve faster and more precisely... Practice indeed!!!! I will make this stamp series for an envelope. I know she likes nature and magic creatures, I will post the envelope when it's ready to ship... can't wait!

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