August 9, 2011

Organize with Dymo and Rubbermaid


As a Doctor's wife, we have LOTS of samples and medicine. But what can I do to keep it organized? Answer: Clear boxes and Labels. I managed to buy this clear "shoe-size" boxes (Rubbermaid) very inexpensive and a few days ago, mi hubby gave me a DYMO as a gift =)

I started by organizing all samples and grouping them by type or use, finally I get this boxes and store it there with post-it to identify what was in it faster.

Finally with my brand new Dymo I label each box and DONE! This is how it looks like. Let's organize!


Nicole Stagg Web Developer

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Michelle James said...

Very nice organization. I love containers and I got a label machine as a gift too. Love, love, love it. I am going to browse around your site for a bit. I am pretty creative and am always looking for new projects. Thanks for sharing. If you like crafty stuff like card making a scrapbooking you should check out our blog (my friend Peggy and I) at we love new followers!


-nicole s. said...

Thanks Michelle!!!! I will definitively check out your blog, and I hope you enjoy mine. I also love scrapbooking and card making but here in Guatemala it's very expensive =( I will post some of my cards so be sure to check it out and comment.

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