August 27, 2011

Candy Wrap

Candy Wrappers Package
This is so easy!!! Just need some card stock (any color), glue and tissue paper.
1. Make a rectangle with the card stock and glue it forming a cylinder (make sure it's slightly larger than your item)
2. Insert your item
3. Cut tissue paper and wrap the cylinder, leaving aprox 2 to 3 inches from the edge on each side
4. Twist each side contrary. You can use a piece of tape for the back.
There you go! I added a label for decoration and information. Mine has "huevitos de leche" inside! mmmm

You can make this for birthdays in many colors and give away at the end or for friendly gifts, make sure to add a string on each side if it's a gift.
Nicole Stagg Web Developer

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Natalia - EnJabonArte said...

Hola Nicole! :)
Buscando en Etsy encontre tu tienda. Me gustaron mucho tus pulseras. Aun estas en Guatemala?
Si las vendes localmente me dices donde puedo comprarlas, plz?
Gracias ! Te deseo muchos exitos en lo que emprendes ;)

Nicole Stagg said...

Hola Natalia,
muchas gracias por tu comentario! Te envie un mail con la info. Saludos

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